FIFA 18 Ultimate Team revealed all the new features!

Published on Aug 02, 2017

A live stream event targato EA Sports has revealed all the new features of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

Games related to football and sport in general are not really in the ropes of the topics covered by JustNerd even if, in the face of events involving millions of users and gamers, it is impossible to remain indifferent, and then, as in this case, the latest interesting news regarding FIFA 18, yet another chapter in the saga video game developed by Electronic Arts, are well-deserved space between our news.

Waiting for the 29th of September, the day on which FIFA 18 will make its debut on the shelves, Ea Sports has unveiled the new features of Ultimate Team mode for the title thanks to a live stream that has been highly popular on social.

The most interesting is without a doubt one linked to the Icons Stories (Story Icon), the famous athletes in the history of world football of all time, represented in three different versions, in different moments of their outstanding sporting careers.

Among the players that are iconic that have made the history of professional football are: Maradona, Pele, Yashin, Ronaldo (the brazilian), Del Piero, Ronaldinho, Gullit, Henry, Roberto Carlos, Owen, Schmeichel, Vieira, Puyol, Okocha, Deco.

The other interesting news of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is represented by the mode Champions Channel, which allows you to watch games of FUT Champions of the strongest players in the world, with the possibility of studying the tactics and styles of play, exploiting different cameras that allow you to change the view of the game in order to better understand the game strategies more effective.

A final note to keep in mind is related to the new Squad Battles, in single player mode, which will allow users to challenge the strongest teams of the community (even those of the same players and celebrities).

We just have to wait until September 29 (or move in advance with pre-order) when FIFA 18 will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Switch, while, for more details on Ultimate Team, we will have to wait for the Gamescom in Cologne, from August 20 to 26 next.


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