FIFA 18: the closed beta confirmation of the absence of the official Series

Published on Aug 13, 2017

The first test version on the closed beta of FIFA 18 confirm that there will be no official license for the Italian championship of Serie A

These days, some lucky users, they are having the exceptional opportunity to test the closed beta of Fifa 18, and in the network begin to leak pics of the new chapter of the football simulation by EA Sports.

Some of these preview images, visible thanks to a tweet, they seem to confirm the absence of the official license of the Italian championship Serie A.

In fact, as you can see, under the names of the teams Juventus, Benevento and Spal is evident in the membership of a generic tournament called Football, and this would indicate that there is no consensus for the use of the mark Series, as happened with the previous version of FIFA.

Football #FIFA18

— ⭐NonoLoko⭐ (@FIFAALLSTARS) August 10, 2017

Note that, instead, the logos of the teams are the official ones, including the new logo of Juventus result of the recent rebranding thing that suggests the achievement of individual agreements with each of the teams of the highest Italian series.

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