Fiction Mediaset 2019/2020: all the titles of Channel 5 for the next season


Published on Jul 03, 2019


The July 2, 2019 the day of presentation of the schedules of Mediaset . And of course the lights on the programming of Channel 5, the flagship network of the company of Cologno Monzese. What we will see in the next season? Mediaset has tried to experiment, in the last year, with the new proposed public offerings of Channel 5. Remember Not to lie, a beautiful series with Greta Scarano and Alessandro Preziosi ( who return to be the protagonists also in the next season of Channel 5, but with the new proposals). We remember the silence of The water with Ambra Angiolini and Giorgio Pasotti but also The Island of Peter and The love torn. Proposals that the public has been welcomed in a different way but which were in any case winning. And by September 2019 what we will see on Channel 5? Here are all of the titles mentioned in the evening of the Mediaset schedule presentation.

Remember, the first of the new titles, September will be the second season of Rosy Abate. The series was supposed to go on the air probably in the spring but then the debut was postponed. At the moment the public of the Channel 5 is following in the replicas, and from September there will be new episodes.

Let's see instead, what will be the titles of the next season, the title of the new proposals.

“Made in Italy” will tell the amazing explosion of fashion in the 70's with Greta Iron and Margherita Buy. For the occasion of the great signatures of the fashion of the time have opened their archives, and in the series the protagonists will wear clothes and accessories. From Albini to Curiel, passing for Fiorucci, Krizia, Missoni and Valentino have made available their creations vintage.

“The process” with Vittoria Puccini and Francesco Scianna.The two that were the protagonists of the drama series broadcast on Rai in the last year, tried to dig also on Mediaset. READ HERE THE FIRST NEWS ON THE FICTION OF CHANNEL 5

“Beyond the threshold” a new way of thinking about the series medical with Gabriella Pession. READ HERE THE FIRST NEWS ON THE FICTION MORE THAN THE THRESHOLD

“Brothers Caputo” with Nino Frassica and Cesare Bocci, two great names of Italian fiction for the first time together for Channel 5. The four episodes are produced by the company Hi Guys! Claudio Mori, with the collaboration of Apulia Film Commission. Fiction, directed by Alessio Inturri, is set in the Apulia region in the fictional country of Roccatella. The plot is top secret but in addition to the location, you know some of the characters and the actors that will be part of it.

“Disappeared” with Alessandro Preziosi and “Justice for all” with Raoul Bova are the other two new titles for the next season of Channel 5.

No news about the dates of the airing of the fiction.

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