Fiction and tv series on Rai 1 for the 2019/2020: all the titles of the next season


Published on Jul 09, 2019


9 July the official presentation of the schedules of Rai and get of course the latest news about what will be the titles of fiction and tv series that we will see in the next television season. From the series event to the seriality of our house: all the titles of the next season were announced today. And we do the point of situation, trying to figure out what we'll see in September on the first channel of Rai.

Great waiting for example, for the second season of The friend of Genius, and still for the new season of The Doctors. But also for the return of series/soap as the Paradise of The lord, which is confirmed with new episodes in September.

Back to point then also on the big titles, in the event that are sold abroad. In the autumn a new chapter of the saga of The Doctors, written by Frank Spotnitz directed by Christian Duguay, and in the spring The friend of genius – the History of the new last name, co-produced with HBO, the second novel in the tetralogy of Elena Ferrante with the director Saverio Costanzo and Alice Rohrwacher.

For the next year to two major titles: the second season of the series historical The life the promise, and Luisa Ranieri ( just today, among other things, the actress has posted on social the photos of the first take on the set) and directed by Ricky Tognazzi, which tells the story of the Italian emigration in America and retraces to our memory through a melodrama flaming; The war is over, a story of rebirth and hope, in Italy exit from the second world war, with Michele Riondino, Isabella Ragonese and director Michele Soavi.

No shortage of clearly new episodes of Il commissario Montalbano.

The titles in this case are two: Everyone is perfect and Unique Pieces.

In the official press release in regards to the fiction you speak of coming of age, a genre that forcefully themes that are essential to the mission of public service: the attention to an uncertain passage of age, the world of adolescence and the desire for the future of young people. For the autumn space lived different: from the path of growth and emancipation of a group of guys down in a road movie with poetic and vital (Everybody is perfect) with Edoardo Leo, Cristiana Capotondi and director Giacomo Campiotti, the declination mystery of a story of growth through the ransom of the work in an artisan workshop to a group of tough guys led by a master of wood carving, played by Sergio Castellitto, directed by Cinzia TH Torrini (unique Pieces).

As always, great attention also to this genus. Road house 2 will be one of the proposals of the upcoming season after the great success of the first.

Live and let live is a story of rebirth, the feminine, a light drama set in Naples, this defileth a family classic with veins of noir, with the touch of a director with a strong personality as Pappi Corsicato that examines the role of Elena Sofia Ricci in a key, unexpected and antieroica.

Angela, Vanessa Incontrada, directed by Andrea Porporati, is a popular story in modern, halfway between the road movie and dark tale, which tells of the experience the restorative of a woman with respect to her motherhood lost. Lives on the run, with Anna Valle and Claudio Gioè, and directed by Luca Ribuoli, finally, is a family-thriller that for the first time, a hybrid of two genres that are seemingly distant, where the tenderness of daily life and domestic blend with a high degree of suspense and where the real danger hides in the family relationships.

The watches of the devil, played by Giuseppe Fiorello), directed by Alessandro Angelini, a story that is tense and exciting, inspired by the true story of a simple man, a mechanic, nautical coast, forced to infiltrate the world of drug trafficking, and Beautiful to die, with Christian Capotondi, directed by Andrea Molaioli, a strong theme of violence against women that dig in the flesh and in the fears of today's society; I will try, with Alessandro Gassman and directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, a modern police drama that tells the search for the truth about a death which is not what it seems, the recovery of a fatherhood lost, and a painful story of rebirth, to find a bond that not even death can break .

Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor, by the novels of Mariolina Venezia with Vanessa Scalera and directed by Francesco Amato, or in Naples in the years ’30 Il Commissario Ricciardi, by the novels of Maurizio de Giovanni, Lino Guanciale and directed by Alessandro D'alatri. Leap to Rocco Schiavone, that by Rai 2 switch to Rai 1, in the novels of Antonio Manzini, and Marco Giallini, directed by Simone Spada. Many new products are accompanied by the return of the series that represent an important asset of the Rai fiction with the characters-testimonial from Don Matthew, and twenty years on from his debut renews proposing ten film 100’ which have as their theme the ten commandments, to the commander in the forest the A step from heaven, starring Daniele Liotti, the Inspector Carlo Warriors of the Black half, played by Claudio Amendola.

And can not be missed of course, also the docu-fiction. From September on Rai 1 see Giorgio Ambrosoli – The price of courage, the History of Nilde, Fountain Square. I remember.

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