Fever-Tree soft drinks and high-quality natural

Published on Apr 24, 2018

Ten years ago, Charles Rolls and Tim Warillow had the intuition to give life to the Fever-Tree, a soft drink natural.

Fever-Tree has created a new category in the beverage sector, one of the mixers premium, born in 2005 in the united Kingdom, soft drinks and natural have quickly conquered the market of all over the world and today they are world leaders in the field premium mixology.

A range of products born thanks to months of research and exploration, in some of the most dangerous and remote of the world, to find high quality, natural ingredients and select raw materials, such as quinine, the source water, the botanical.

The range of Fever-Tree are highly carbonated to bring out the aromas of the botanical and regalareal the palate, the freshness, the bubbles accentuate the taste, adding a note intense, persistent and soft, the taste is clean, delicate, expertly designed to enhance the aromatic nuances.

The product range includes six Tonic Water, from the classical-flavored, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Cola and Soda, mixers best quality and suitable for mixing high-level, a feature confirmed by the best bartender, but also by chef Moreno Cedroni.

In Italy, the soft drinks are distributed by the Group Velier, have just been presented with five cocktails with Fever Tree from the different tastes of Mediterranean, Indian tonic, Eldeflower, Aromatic, Naturally light.

The soft drinks are made with cane sugar as a sweetener, pure water, and light from a source of Staffordshire, the processing is done in total respect of the raw material, as the name Fever-Tree, the tree of the fever, is the name by which it is called the tree of the Cinchona from which we extract the quinine, one of the key ingredients for the preparation of soft drinks Fever-Tree.

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