Festival of the anolino 2018

Published on Mar 07, 2018

Lovers of fresh pasta this is the event for you and where if not in Emilia, the home of the pasta together with the Romagna, the next weekend, Saturday and Sunday 10/11 march at Fiorenzuola d'arda (Piacenza), back to the appointment with anolini, pasta stuffed pasta typical of the area.

That which today is called the Food Valley, the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, will see involved the most famous chefs in the region to pay homage to this specialty stuffed pasta, and soup, that it is "cappelletti" as they are called in Ravenna or tortellini, in bolognese or anolini as in the region of parma and piacenza.

At the centre of the village of Fiorenzuola d'arda will be set up stands where you can taste different delicacies of the area and all different kinds of anolini, meat and cheese, Sunday lunch, the four chefs will present four dough filled with.

Cream of mushroom and cubes of crunchy schooner piacenza, an old dish with pasta stuffed with pork and cheese soup accompanied by a slice of toasted bread with garlic, and a review of the cappelletti with eel, wild in the broth spicy, and finally, the tortellini in capon broth.

During the weekends, the restaurants and delis, local will offer, square, various interpretations of anolino, both meat and cheese, stalls, gazebos, animation, which will help to enrich the weekend of the taste.


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