Festival of craft beers in Rome

Published on Mar 07, 2018

From march 9 to 11 from Eataly in Rome back to the Festival of craft beers, an event that has become a habit.

Many confirmations, a number of improvements, among the last of the debutantes ' Ball, an event dedicated to craft beers fresh from three years open the week of craft beer this year, hosted by Eataly as a pre-opening party.

Fifteen breweries entrants who will present productions in the premiere, other twenty-four breweries, for the occasion during the entire week, Eataly will offer tailored menus with special dishes where you can taste more than sixty beers.

The event will be a veritable feast for all, enthusiasts and the simply curious, there will be meetings, seminars, a treasure hunt, a race dedicated to the homebrewer, live music, from 5 march, each evening there will be an event to get to know this ever-expanding world.

Monday, march 5, begins with the brewer of Eataly, who will prepare together with the public a batch of beer, there will also be a course of craft beer with three beers to sample, on the 6th of march the Street Food Contest, a challenge with dishes paired with beers, always, on that day, will be the Master of Food Slow Food, theme study of three countries among the major producers of beer.

Wednesday 7 to celebrate the second birthday of the brewery of Eataly, march 8th for international women's day on a cooking course, wine tasting of cocktails made with beer, an appointment with a well-known pizza maker that will match beers and pizzas, and much more.

In the weekend the entire third floor of Eataly is dedicated to the breweries and tastings.




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