Ferran Adrià in Turin, Lavazza

Published on Apr 15, 2018

On April 12, Lavazza has launched the new management center in the Aurora district, a wide space meant to be lived and open to all, inside could not miss a restaurant with a gastronomic offer important.

The restaurant will be open on 8 June and will be called to Share, to put my signature on this ambitious project, Ferran Adrià, the famous chef Catalan, a historic collaboration between the chef and the coffee, in fact, the news of his down the field in Turin was in the air for a long time.

It is a space of 500 square meters all glass on the outside and the inside a scene that is important to signed by Dante Ferretti, academy award nominations, Adrià has created a culinary proposal of two flat-sharing arrangement, the plates at the center of the table to encourage sharing is greatest among the diners.

Our chef Federico Zanasi, Adrià has designed the concept and oversees, but in the kitchen there will be Treatment that has worked for two years with the Catalan, and was sous chef Moreno Cedroni in Senigallia, the culinary proposal does not include a tasting menu, but return to the centre the food in its substance, no-frills, frills, and distracting elements.

Food quality, raw material good, a reading of the Italian cuisine in an innovative key and international, needless to say, dessert and coffee will have a fundamental role to play, a space designed ad hoc to enjoy the ritual of coffee.

The restaurant opens on 8 June while the bistro is already open.


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