Fernanda Lessa, talks to Second life: by the great love for a woman to experience problems with alcohol and drugs


Published on Nov 20, 2019


Some time ago very True, Fernanda Lessa for the first time on tv he had spoken of his past. For years now the model is no longer a part of the world of the show. But for a long time was at the height of her success. And it is precisely at that stage of his life that he risked losing everything, that is lost because of fake friendships, of fears, of fragility, that he could not at the time manage. Between alcohol, drugs and excesses, Fernanda Lessa has lost his way but today he is recovered and tells of his great suffering. Love gone wrong, relationships that are difficult, great pain for the loss of a child. A difficult life, but for Fernanda Lessa begins a second life. And it is precisely in the program of Gabriel Parpiglia, aired today on the Real Time, that we will be able to listen to the complete interview of Fernanda Lessa, that tells it all.

The words of Fernanda:

“In my life, I have tried everything for years, I've spent even a thousand euros per day to get me cocaine. When I was at the height of success all pippavano. I tried ecstasy. The excesses and the money they brought me straight to Hollywood but I refused the sexual advances of George Clooney and Matt Dillon. In Italy, I have loved Bobo Vieri, but he left me for the fault of a paparazzo.”

And still:

“When I found the first real love I got pregnant, but my son has not seen the light. Have I gone mad and I've thrown my life in alcohol, I drank up to three liters per day of wine. Today they are in care. Getting up from my past has not been easy, but I'm trying. Between disintossicazioni and the love for my family.”

For the first time, then Fernanda Lessa also speaks of another love. She was in love with a famous woman but then she discovered that she was a minor and the story is over. However, she never mentioned the name of this girl.

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