Fernanda Lessa bronchopneumonia in the house of the GF VIP 4: Selvaggia Lucarelli complaint still on the social, and asks for explanations Mediaset


Published on Mar 26, 2020


Just yesterday, before the bet live Big Brother VIP 4, Wild Lucarelli had published about TPI an article in which he told of a conversation she had with Valeria Marini. It all started from the assertions of the competitor to the gF VIP is related to a buffer that he would have done before entering the house in an official way. The Lucarelli had asked for an explanation to her, and also to Mediaset, and then, after the words of Fernanda Lessa aired without censorship, yesterday, live, the doubts of the journalist you are made still larger.

But we try to make the order. It all starts with a malaise that Valeria Marini has in the house, the woman reassures everyone by saying that it is good that before entering he did the swab and that was negative. We are in a period in which in Italy the pads are still, to the carpet, as the cases are few, very few. The Marine explains to Wild Lucarelli, on the phone, that he did privately, that he cannot say more here, but this is confusion with dates, the first indicates one, then another.

In his article Wild Lucarelli noted that even Antonio Zequila was bad.

Then yesterday evening, in direct, Fernanda Lessa, trying to understand why the public has not appreciated says that perhaps it is a view of a little, also because of her health problems that have forced her often to bed. First pneumonia, then a toothache. And here, in the hear of pneumonia, Lucarelli, raises, rightly, some objection.

Here is the post of Lucarelli on social:

I find it very disturbing that @qui_mediaset does not give explanations. The Marine said the false, namely, that he had done a swab and it was evil in the house of the gf. Zequila was bad. Now it turns out that the Lessa, inside the home, he had pneumonia, it seems, from a bit. Bronchopneumonia during a stay in a house for months. And with the coronavirus in the round, competitors sick, you went forward? How are they protecting the health of the remaining competitors? Of the people who are working on the gf? But at least they make pads in all, competitors came out that were bad, and were, no? It seems to me quite crazy, totally disconnected from the reality of the country, all so risky. There were also competitors of a certain age in there, do not send next to the shack to get to the end, pretending that there can be a health problem very serious.

In recent weeks, Fernanda Lessa was bad, those who follow the GF VIP knows it well, for the teeth. Bronchopneumonia should go back to the first few weeks of your stay in the house of the GF VIP, even before the Marine had entered, and even before that in Italy you would speak in an official way of coronavirus. It is important, however, that both Mediaset to give a response with a date certain, and documentation, if it existed to prove what really happened and that is all done, in respect of the health of competitors.

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