Feltrinelli Comics: the outputs of October 2019


Published on Oct 08, 2019


Feltrinelli Comics has announced all of the outputs planned for this month, October 2019: we report the arrival RSDIUG Rome will be destroyed in the day of a Recchioni (where the Eternal City will face an apocalypse), as well as the preview at Lucca Comics & Games 2019 of the Moon 2069 Ortolani (which you'll see the Rat-Man go...on the Moon!) and now X. A story of constant Struggle, this graphic novel made by the writer Erri De Luca, along with Cosimo Damiano Damato and Paolo Castaldi where a love story opens the scene to a broader perspective on political militancy in the full “hot autumn”.

RSDIUG Rome will be destroyed in the day of a Roberto Recchioni feat. Il Muro del Canto 16,00 euro format 16 x 24 cm – paperback 3 October 2019

Five in the morning, on the coast of Ostia. A giant monster, taller than a hundred metres, it emerges from the sea. And advances toward Rome, beginning to devastarla. While the eternal city – or presumed such, it is unable to manage the crisis, cross to the stories and destinies of a young boy somali, a swing of half-age, of the masters of the city on vacation, a young man in the south of Rome that would like to just stay sbracato on the sofa... and, among others, even of someone very important, who resides in St. Peter. How do you deal with the apocalypse on a personal level?

Don Zauker. Ego te dissolvo Emiliano Pagani, Daniele Caluri pag 128 euro 16,00 format 16 x 24 cm – paperback-October 2019

A specter is haunting Europe: islamic fundamentalism. The terrible Caliph Black, with his troops, is stretching the hand on the Old continent. So it says, at least. For the catholic Church, but also for a country that is always ready when it comes to organize a crusade against an imaginary enemy, we need a champion who can defend our christian roots: Don Zauker. But when you fight fire with fire, you wind up to unleash hell. Exorcist in a world where God and the Devil do not exist, Don Zauker knows how to exploit the lack of critical sense of the people facing the faith. Thus, he will be at the center of an epochal clash of civilizations, where will prevail only those who will prove to have fewer scruples and no sense of the ridiculous.

University, and sheep. The life of Don Milani, Alice Milani pag 160 euro 16,00 format 16 x 24 cm – paperback-October 2019

This is the story of don Milani commemorated and portrayed her as a niece. Alice Milani puts you in the scene itself, while it collects direct evidence and recalls anecdotes of the family of his great-uncle weird, and important. This graphic novel tells the story of don Milani as never before. What emerges is the portrait of a man argumentative and combative: a protester lucidissimo, that from the lowest rung of the hierarchy of the Church is able to shake the entire building, to shake off all consciousness.

“A school that is non-political prepares the indifferent in politics. And you know where it ends, the indifferent in politics? End the fascists!”

The happy life of quotas, Silvia Ziche pag 128 euro 16,00 format 16 x 24 cm – paperback-October 2019

Back to Lucrezia, the character with whom Silvia Ziche has told itself and our time (and every time), with her cast of supporting characters bizarre, and yet so credible, where it is almost impossible not to recognize. In a series of lightning “single acts”, the author locates the vices and prejudices of a society that is still too patriarchal and paternalistic, to denounce them and put them to the sedan. A book that is a must for fans of Silvia Ziche and, at the same time, a valuable opportunity for those who want to get in his tragicomic and overwhelming narrative universe.


Luna 2069 Leo Ortolani pag 192 euro 20,00) format 20 x 29 cm – hardcover 31 October 2019

The Rat-Man arrives in the space at the side of Luca Parmitano, thanks to the space mission Beyond the ESA. The Rat-Man and a character with the likeness of Parmitano will be catapulted on a moon base in 2069, a hundred years after the landing, where you will have to deal with something that could put in discussion is the basis of both the future of man in space.

The now X. A story of constant Struggle of Erri De Luca, Cosimo Damiano Damato, Paolo Castaldi p 112 euro 16,00 format 16 x 24 cm – paperback-October 2019

While they live their love in the shadow of the Italsider, Taranto, Sara and Sebastian fight for a future fair and just, where the workers are no longer forced to suffer the payment and exploitation, and where the factories are a place of work and rights and not of death, where the fishermen and the peasants, who for centuries have lived with the dignity of the sea and the land of Puglia were able to donate to them, are not relegated to the margins.
Sara and Sebastian are part of one of the most important formations of the left extra-parliamentary Italian, active between the end of the sixties and the first half of the seventies. Their militancy flows tumultuous in the streets of Taranto, accompanied, day after day, by the articles of the newspaper “Lotta Continua”, the official organ of the namesake political group. Together with that of many other young people a strong salt to the voice of their protest, until the fateful moment, awaited by all the time, until the Hour X.
An insight into the brutally real Italy of workers ' struggles through the filter of one of the most influential newspapers politicians of our History, was born officially on the 1st of November, 1969, in the “hot autumn”.

Vlad. The time of the sacrifice of Matteo Strukul, Andrea Mutti pag 64 euro 14,00
format 16 X 24 cm – paperback-October 2019

Comes to an end the saga that Matteo Strukul, and Andrea Mutti have dedicated to Vlad III of Wallachia: the real man behind the legend of Dracula. While Mohammed II the Conqueror recovers from the heavy losses suffered during a night attack, Vlad (the voivoda of Wallachia and Transylvania) retires to Poenari, in an impregnable castle in the Carpathian mountains. The road that will lead only to the sultan and his concubino Radu the Handsome, brother of Vlad – to the gates of the fortress is paved with traps and terror. Wells poisoned, hordes of plague-stricken lands, reduced to ash await the invaders, and Vlad is gearing up for a battle final. Upset by what she sees, Mahomet II decided to abandon the campaign, leaving it in the hands of Radu and handing over the fate of the kingdom valacco in a clash fratricidal...

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