Fedez: the birthday cake Clare, Iginio Massari is a flop


Published on May 08, 2020


On may 7, Chiara Ferragni, businesswoman, digital the Italian, who turned 33 years old.This year no big celebration, because phase 2 does not allow the gathering. A quiet birthday the past in the case with the husband Fedez and the little Lion. Fedez, 30 years, on the occasion of this birthday, decided to make a special gift to his wife. Armed with holy patience and all the necessary ingredients, the rapper from milan has prepared a birthday cake. Everything was, of course, documented on the social.

In the video posted on the profile of Fedez, the singer shows how she prepared the cake. Step by step explains what he did: sponge cake made by the father, whipped cream in a spray canister, confetti pink received a confirmation and, as he says Fedez “the ingredient prevalent is so much love”. As you decorate the cake Fedez comment: “they Look like tombstones rose.” “You're very good, clearly deserves,” says Mary, the nanny of a Lion. “I added two Oreos that are the continue,” says Fedez by placing the cookies under what would be the face of Chiara Ferragni.

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Surprise is the comment of Master pastry chef Iginio Massari. The rapper calls the master to show him his work of art and ask for a judgment. “But you want to separate yourself?”, the striking Iginio. Fedez is out of his comfort zone and made it right across, but the cake is not worthy of the excellence of the master's most famous confectioner in Italy.

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The review is honest of Iginio Massari has become viral and has done some really crazy followers on the social networks. Positive instead the reaction of his wife, Chiara Ferragni who, seeing the cake just starts laughing. “Thank you love, thank you”, are the only words that come out of the mouth of the influencer.

The day of the birthday of Clare is definitely ended better than it looks in the cake. Fedez in fact, he organized a romantic dinner on the terrace, with much of the corridor of petals of flowers and candles.



Birthday cake for my love 💖 Thanks Iginio Massari you for the fantastic review ✨

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