Fedez: Maurizio Gasparri the is because and he on social to respond...


Published on Apr 24, 2020


Maurizio Gasparri on his Twitter profile, he thus announced: “Yes, and resumed legal action against Fedez after his words, the inevitable and expensive for him”. The answer is readily reached by the person directly from his profile Instagram responds to the judicial initiative brought forward by the Senator.

In reality Fedez fails to understand what is the subject of the case, as it clearly says: “I don't know why I want to do because”. Use the weapon of irony against the Senator, but not only that, he also remembers when Gasparri was addressed to a minor with terms much less than nice.

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It arrived promptly, also the feedback of Maurizio Gasparri, who is always on Twitter, he writes: “the More you add the more it costs you”. Let's see how it will end this latest diatribe sure of the fact that there will be no wait for any process, given that everything now, in public and private life, before passing by the social.

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It is not the first time that Fedez angers a politician. Some time ago he had made a joke about Mr Renato Brunetta, also known to be tall, that he answered with the famous: “Fedez fai schifez”, via social, such as now in common use. The two were pacified and the Brunette also had his best wishes for the birth of the little Lion, who knows that not the same thing happen with Gasparri...

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