Fedez “brillo” live angers the Ferragni with jokes spicy


Published on Apr 10, 2020


The Ferragnez in this quarantine have become, if possible, even more social, by sharing moments of their day with the followers, tearing always a few laughs. After the tests the culinary of Clare, the cute video of TikTok, training with unexpected of Frederick and the sweet moments, and a lot comedians from the small Lion, came to live with the friend, Luis, Sal, mate Fedez in the show on Amazon Celebrity Haunted.

During the live Fedez drank a couple of glasses of wine that they have made it immediately sparks and began to exchange jokes with Luis, pulling in dance even the wife, who didn't even want to participate. Luis, seeing these arguments as a married couple in quarantine, and advised them to seek a bit of intimacy once put to bed the son. Clare looked a little puzzled, as if lately the intimacy was poor, Fedez then retorted with: “come on, love, don't make that face. Tell that you're glad of this thing, by”. The influencers responded with a terse and eloquent “no comment”, which has aroused the hilarity of the followers.

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The live continued with the other jokes and references pretty explicit that they were ripostati on the pages most popular content trash, as the influencer has the rest defined the husband, arousing the anger of Ferragni in respect of Fedez, which obviously does not hold very well, alcohol.

The scene between the pair, mediated by the beats of Luis Sal, has enjoyed a lot of users (there were peaks of more than 70,000 people connected that quickly become viral on Twitter and Instagram some of the contents of the live. The couple is then riappacificata, even if Clare has admitted that he was angry and ashamed for a fool of her husband. This direct, though, without a doubt has increased the number of fans of the Ferragnez, which seemed to be a sort of Sandra and Raimondo 2.0.

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