Federico Rossi takes the field and defends his Paola from Boiled and Incorvaia: “I Am stunned”


Published on Apr 07, 2020


Just this morning we have told you what happened yesterday evening, and always strictly on social, which are now the “true square” of the gossip and the news. Clizia Incorvaia and Fernanda Lessa decided to do a direct talk with their followers and have commented on what is happening in the house of Big Brother VIP 4 in these last days of imprisonment. And there's nothing wrong if it were not that at a certain point, both have started to make jokes about Paola di Benedetto. Jokes that are not at all liked by her boyfriend, Federico Rossi, who has decided to take the field to defend his woman. Among other things, between a giggle and the other, Fernanda and Hazel, not only did they notice the extra pounds of Paola, but also have in some way crept in that maybe the Benedict in the last few hours is a bit too attacking to the good Ciavarro, unleashing the anger of the fans of Paola.

Both have tried to resize but it was too late and the bomb is on social has exploded...

The words on Twitter of the singer:

I am stunned by what some people allow themselves to say.. Call a 25 years old girl (that you piacess to be even remotely like you) “the fat” laughing like a hen when she has always fought against any sort of body shaming in this #gfvip ?

Informed probably by fans of Paola, and seeing the hell that was unleashing on the social, in the end, even Federico, the boyfriend of Paola has decided to intervene by telling her about what is happening and what is Fernanda and Clizia have said in their direct social.

The fans of the program hope that Paola has a way to listen to the words of Clizia, and Fernanda in the direct tomorrow night...going to Happen? We'll see...

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