Federica-Offs and provocation Pamela Meadows: the host is dumb for anyone Who has seen it


Published on May 30, 2019


While on Channel 5, Barbara d Urso you accaniva, as only she can do ( and also rightly) against Pamela Prati, saying that if a program invites you to talk about scams as a victim there must be a reason, Federica-Offs explained to the whole world the real reason for the choice to have the show girl in the studio. A mere provocation. He has said it since the first minute, he did understand in the course of the entire episode. Only one reason: anyone Who has seen it, speaks from years of cheating on her loving, but the stories of the women involved have never made much fanfare. Yet Mark Caltagirone speak even in the classroom to the Government, the irony of the Offs that underlines the case for Pamela Prati has become national popular. And here is the ingenious idea: to have the Lawns in the studio, among the guests, only to have them listen to the true stories of women cheated, the one who has even returned to life. In the corner, sitting all alone, the Meadows throughout the evening she listened to the strong stories collected by the editors of those Who have seen it. Will have understood the lesson?

Federica-Offs has been able to even “take advantage” of the presence of the Meadows, without letting understand anyone that would not speak, which may have helped to listen. But it was clear from the very first bars of the transmission.

Federica-Offs: "All speak of Pamela Prati, but no one speaks of the women of the invisible that are not part of the world of the show cheated in their affections and in their dignity" #chilhavisto

Opened saying:

Good evening to all from everyone Who Has Seen it. Everyone is talking about Pamela Prati and this elusive husband, wondering if it exists or if not exists, and with this I am referring to the husband that Pamela Meadows should marry. Everyone is talking about Pamela Prati but nobody is talking about all those women who today we show you. Are women invisible because they are not part of the entertainment world, have been cheated and are women invisible that nobody talks about. And then, we have invited Pamela Prati because of us today we want to send important messages, because these scams continue to harm your mothers, your sisters, and even of you fathers. Pamela Meadows will be here with us, but we start by a woman, and her son, and by the scam of a soldier.

These are the first words of Federica-Offs in the episode of those Who saw the may 29, 2019. The director lingers, then, on more than one occasion on Pamela Meadows, while the Offs, between one and the other, thanks to two real women and the strong, who fight with each other and with their association, to help women and men cheated in all of Italy.

There was a bit of turmoil these past few days because there is a guest that has attracted me lots of criticism. I read all of them, then I realized that you are, in fact much more prepared than me on the case of Pamela Prati, also because I have said everything, for example “Why is a program so serious and she invited?”. Well, in the meantime, I thank you because you start from an assumption that may not make us other than pleasure. I've also seen that all those who know perhaps better than me, this story became a catchphrase. I say a hit because they made a reason of satire – maybe you have heard the Litizzetto – and speak-even the politicians saw that there is a Secretary of the Party, who speaks of Mark Caltagirone, making it come out even in the press releases. In short, a case that comes a bit at all and that those who do not know if it does tell. But you may ask: “The Offs is crazy?” No, in fact this evening we are here to give you a strong message, a punch in the stomach that will come to you”

The Offs has continued with the bet of thanking then also Pamela Prati “that has allowed the program to give visibility to the stories“. The one and only objective of those Who saw was to have the Lawns in the studio to attract the largest number of audience possible. A mirror for larks?

And in this tweet there is all the feeling of the public that follows years Who has seen that he understood the true reasons of the programme and of the presenter.

Pamela Prati, discharged, and wetsuit, put in the corner and forced to see the real tragedies behind the the online scams is the biggest stroke of genius and the most refined example of the art of maieutics ever seen on tv. The Greatest Federica-Offs. #chilhavisto

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