Fear the GF VIP 4 for Antonella Elia: he falls and bangs his head, in the next hours, new controls


Published on Apr 06, 2020


Was begun between the laughter this morning in the house of Big Brother VIP with what the competitors like to make: jokes. When Marx entered the house then, the water bombs are not only an exclusive Patrick! Everybody is enjoying the rest there are only a few hours to the final. Unfortunately, however, this morning, what was supposed to be a joke funny, is turned suddenly. As you can see from the video, Antonella Elia is, in fact, fall, banging his head and being very evil.

Antonella Elia was out in the garden to make a joke to Sossio, with a nice bucket of water. The player then chased into the house, in an attempt to make the gavettone! The two continued to run for the house, jumping off of the water. Probably there was even more water on the ground in the house, not clear from the video. Suddenly, Elijah is right, even Marx fell in the race. Unlike Antonella, however, the footballer, there is nothing done.

The Elijah instead he banged his head and after a moment the initial once again to review, he immediately expressed his sorrow. Sossio, after recovering from the fall, he tried to help Antonella's while in the meantime, attracted by the screams and the moans, even the other guys came in the house to understand how the same Antonella.

Here is the video of the fall of Antonella Elia ( GF VIP 6 April 2020)

Nasty shock for Antonella Elia after this fall, he banged his head!
Luckily it was already visited in a timely manner, nothing serious! #GFvip

“That head,” he went on to say, Antonella Elia. The competitor of GF VIP has been receiving treatment but maybe in the next few hours you will have to undergo other visits to certify that there have been consequences. The Elijah-in fact he banged his head and in the next few hours could provide new means of medical examinations.

We hope that everything goes well!

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