Fear in Japan, the citizens wake up with the alarm sirens (VIDEO)


Published on Aug 29, 2017


This morning, the japanese have woken up with the alarm sirens in the background, after the umpteenth provocation of North Korea at 5:58 this morning, Pyongyang launched a ballistic missile that flew over northern Japan.

According to Seoul, the missile would have traveled more than 2,700 kilometers, reaching a maximum height of 550 kilometres, before ending its run in the Pacific Ocean at 6:12 in the morning, a short distance from the japanese coast.

Various train stations in Japan have warned commuters of possible delays of trains due to the event. The consequences were recorded in Tokyo, which is located more than 700 kilometres away from the trajectory of the missile, where some services were temporarily blocked.

Currently, a missile the north Korean flying over Japan. It is very dangerous, please take shelter in the waiting rooms or on trains.

In the video below you can listen to the alarm sirens that warn the population in the Prefecture of Nagano.

The citizens are fallen alerted via a message of possible danger:

Scarrry but I appreciate all the warning systems. There's one on the phone too. Everything is just buzzing.

— Joe (@jtnarsico) August 28, 2017

Many are, rightly, scared...

Well that was a frightening way to wake up. #northkorea #missile

— Sarah Kate Ellis (@sarakellis) August 28, 2017

This act is reckless to launch a missile over our country is an unprecedented threat, which seriously reduces the peace and security of the region and, as a result, we have presented a strong protest against North Korea.

We have also asked for an emergency meeting of the security Council of the United Nations. Working together with the international community, we will try to further increase the pressure against North Korea.

He said the japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, as reported by NBC News.

Source/Photos cover: JT

Fear in Japan, the citizens wake up with the alarm sirens (VIDEO)




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