Fear for Heather Parisi in the center of the typhoon Mangkhut in China – VIDEO

Published on Sep 16, 2018

Heather Parisi did scare all the fans, and the showgirl was found in China in the midst of the hurricane that is ravaging the coast

Hours of fears these for the beautiful Heather Parisi. The showgirl and dancer is found in China in a really very ugly: on the coast, has brought down a violent and terrible hurricane.

The beautiful Heather Parisi has scared away all the fans with its latest updates. The beautiful showgirl has shown a video where there is a storm, terrible to his shoulders. The fans are scared because the dancer is set to do the video right next to the window, the fear is that it may break from time to time the glass.

In the video posted by Heather Parisi you hear the hiss of the wind in spite of she is safe inside his hotel. It is safe, but the fear is there and remains. Risk the beautiful Heather, which, however, seems to take it with the usual irony of his “bad luck”.

The glass might break down from one moment to the other, but the beauty remains there to do his video for the social where it is very active. As shown in the video exclusively on I Read many of the windows have been reduced to pieces.

The Parisi could really very big. But she is fearless, or maybe didn't understand what danger runs with his impudence. Here's the video he posted and that is doing the rounds of the web.



Mangkhut hit Hong Kong. The worst Hurricane (230 km) in the history of Hong Kong has arrived. It will be a Sunday fear !!!! H* #heatherparisi #umberto #hklife #mangkhut #mangkhut🌀 #amolamiavita

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