Father's day: gift ideas 2016

Published on Mar 15, 2016

In recent times the theme of parenting has been much debated. Here we do not want to enter in the merit if it does not tell about the profile of the dad emerged from a survey conducted by Privalia, which was attended by the Italian customers of the outlet online. Ebbena from the data it emerged that the father of the Italian are the first to give in to the demands of gifts or to accompany their own children to do the shopping (47%). Not only that, users Privalia tell of fathers are more permissive when it comes to grant more time to watch cartoons (24%), or delay a little bit the time to go to bed (20%).

The mother is put to the decision of the father, with the fateful phrase, “Ask dad,” when is the first holiday with the boyfriend (35%), especially in the case of daughters. Not only that, but the mom directs him to go play in the park (30%) or help you finish the tasks for the school (27%). You'll find the dad in a more “severe” when you come into the scene, the first boyfriends, but when it comes to playing (50%) and sports (25%) with them is always more fun with mom. And if the scoreboard is not the best? In this case, is part of the scene the mother, much more severe dad on this topic; the choice of punishments it is up to you to l’80% of the respondents. Then there is the case where the mother is out for work, or grants of free time alone, and daddy is more fun that way: finally you can eat on the sofa (43%), watching tv until late (29%) and perhaps stay in pajamas all day (28%).

Between the dad, the famous the most fun, the survey, has ranked in first place Fabio Volo (32%), followed by Linus, who haguadagnato the second place (26%), followed by Francesco Totti (16%).


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