Fateme just to sings: the text of the new song of the Last is the explanation of what happened in Sanremo


Published on Feb 27, 2019


You have got to listen to the new song Last? Of course if you did, you were able to do our own reflection. The last does not need to give interviews to explain what happened in Sanremo, before, during, but especially after. The text of Fateme just to sings his new song, is the paraphrase perfect of all that has happened. A formula, on the contrary: normally, a song is explained, as is the case with a poem, with a paraphrase, in this case, however, is the song of the Last to explain the why of his attitudes. Those who knew the singer and songwriter, even before reading this passage, he understood the why of certain attitudes, justifiable or not. But with this text, which has a power in the content, not indifferent, you understand who he is, that part is Last.

Choose to smooth out those edges that characterize it? If it did it would be one among many. He wants to keep the Last, the Last among the last, as he always said. One that you can enjoy the success that you think you do not deserve, who accepts it because he knows that so his songs can get to all but at the same time rejects it. And it tries to share it with the people he care about.

Fateme just to sings Which are not there I feel like de is with is people That to me speaks But says nothing, eh Fateme just to sings That I'm also a little peeved By people who me asks na photos I would like to parlaje de their, oh oh oh Fateme just to sings, I went mad after too many needs There I need to appeal De tell all that I know is absent

The first verse is the summary of perfect what happened around him. Last he know that the stage can give you a lot, but also knows it takes so much to be like him, one of the people speaks around just to do it, I do not want to know. Him at the Sanremo owes so much, but that first still has all of his music, the only thing that matters.

And, and fateme just to sings for the friends that I left ar the parking lot I almost me ce feel guilty De ave’ had I'm dirt success of a friend, on the stage and I kill the rest, oh oh

Those shadows that Last you bring in may not end up in a closet for someone like him who can not enjoy the full success. He first of all puts those notes, that music on the piano and that it does not understand to have something special that leads him to be a “privileged”. And would like you to speak only of this, of what he sings, his music. The rest should just be boredom, because the rest of the door just to feel the nostalgia of those friends who left to the park, that draw is still a kick at the ball while he's choosing which dress to wear for the evening of the Festival, while he leaves for a trip, while he waits to go on stage at a concert.

Fateme just to sings Nun I know bono to inventamme speeches Mistake the ways of The tones, even the times I Talk about the plan I me feel, eh Fateme just to sings That ste dinners co these tie I Speak in gestures, nun I know their language, eh

You almost have to wonder if this song is the Last he wrote before or after the Festival. Considering the timing, the feeling is that this song was written before. And this verse of the song sums up everything that has happened in the post Sanremo. Because the Last he said in clear letters: NO HYPOCRISY. He says what many others think and do not say, and even admits to be wrong ways, the tones and the times. But that's what makes an artist different from the others. It is not rudeness, is a charism, it is the truth. In a world that is increasingly global and after doing the race for who has more, we miss the road important pieces, we miss the road, what happens to the very few steps away from us. Too attracted by the screen of a mobile phone, a little drawn from reality.

Eh, fateme just to sings For that guy who doesn't have more er name Is on the street, begging a core, Pe’ that is a father if strigne the eyes in Front of her son pe’ proteggeje dreams, oh Fateme just to sings Pe’ tsi cats waiting to wake up One engine ep’ stay warm’ Pe the memories that me break er sleep And bed me do girà like crazy, crazy, crazy

We just do it to sing, we just have to follow that magical voice that brings us back to the real life. The dreams, the fairytales, the magic, but then there is the awakening from which we can not escape. Someone would have said to the melody, with “Vivo per lei”, the Last says it in the roman dialect, that which has accompanied by small, what accompanies him today while taking a hole on the road, while he sees on a daily basis all the rot there is in the place in which he lives. While perhaps he thinks along with the other to escape from a place that will not give anything and will not change. But in the end, to sing, to stay, to write, to dream, to live, to sing.

The new disc of the Last, the Fault of the fables, will be released April 5, 2019.

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