Fast & Furious: the title and the picture of the spin-off with The Rock


Published on Dec 23, 2018


And now, the film has an official title, the Fast and the Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. With the title we also have a new image of the film.

This time our will have to contend against a mysterious criminal named Brixton, who will be played by Idris Elba. Also will receive help in that battle by Vanessa Kirby, who plays the sister of Owen, Hattie Shaw. Eiza González will be the mysterious Madam M, whose positive role or as the villain is not clear.

Director David Leitch compared the film to classic detective films like Lethal Weapon. “We'll take an exciting ride with these two beloved characters of the franchise who were always in disagreement,” said Leitch to Total Film. “I think of the classics such as Lethal Weapon or 48 hours, or some of those comedies to friends and police, the ’80s – that dynamic has been encouraged in the original franchise, we will resume and we will expand the entire world around it”.

Leitch also wants to make sure that the film is valid, but is recognizable to fans of the franchise: “we Wanted to be sure to be able to make a movie that fits the world of Fast, but that it is also distinctly its own,” says Leitch. “And I think that we are on the right way to do it... our guys are not road racers. Come from the world of the government and we're building the world so that we can diversify the action and have fun in all ways”. Fans can also get to know better the two main characters: “we will learn to know the past of Hobbs, his ties and his family, and we will learn more about Shaw and her world,” said Leitch.

Also Johnson has assured that the film will be different from the main series, with more physical fights, but he is sure that the fans will love it. He also praised Elba as the best choice possible for the part of the villain, the belief can become the best villain of the series, both for its physical ability for those actors, in addition to how the character has been studied.

The Fast and the Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw will arrive in cinemas on 2 August.

Fast & Furious: the title and the picture of the spin-off with The Rock is




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