FarmVille: Tropic Escape – the new game made by Zynga


Published on Aug 29, 2016


Those who have never played or heard of or at least received once in a lifetime request Facebook FarmVille? I think its all. Well, the authors Zynga have returned more loads than ever to publish on the App Store the new title, “FarmVille: Tropic Escape”, graphically compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

The authors Zynga (re -) landed on the App Store with the new game FarmVille: Tropic Escape, application released specifically for the iPhone and iPad, at least according to what reported by the same authors, will be available only for a limited period of time. The main aim is –of course– in the build your own farm, but this time in one of the dream places in which everyone would like to live: in the Tropics! Short summary for those who still don't know: FarmVille is a famous game available on most platforms that simulates the life on the farm. In the present day you will need to manage your inn on the beach. You'll have complete equipment and advanced, you will learn the culture of the tropics and learn about the exotic animals.

Being in the Tropics you will be responsible for the cultivation of pineapples, coconuts and orchids, fishing, fresh seafood, and delightful to your guests with piña colada, grilled fish and her flowers. You will have employees except as Capri, the dolphin, a fisherman born that you will bring the fish to grill, you'll have fun with the little monkeys playful and other new friends while exploring the island. No shortage of missions to complete, achieve, stories, rare items to find, aid, and experienced tour guides who can back useful during the course of your activities. And still-hidden treasures, volcanoes, the ancient Temple of the monkeys, adventure in the crystal clear waters, the coral Reef, the Wreck of the Merchant ship and so much more. Between an activity and the other you'll also complete mini-games of various kinds. The fun is guaranteed!

As you can see, the game is available for free for all, but includes a special item in which it is possible to make purchases “in-app”.

Link – Price FREE!

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