Fantastorie – Arrive also in Italy the Amazing Tales of Martin Lloyd


Published on Mar 29, 2020


Fantastorie is an upcoming role-playing games published by Dreamlord Press, and its purpose is to play with children from 7 years and up: let's give it a look!

“You are going to create a Fantastoria with your children. You will need half an hour, maybe an hour, and none of you can know how it will end. Sometimes you will pull a die to find out how to go on the adventure and it will be great. Are you ready?”

If we were in a period of normal (but what is ‘normal’?) in a few days we would encounter all to Play – The Festival of the Game of Modena and we would try together with a thousand new games released in the meantime, at the tables of one hundred and passes exhibitors, without counting the 20+ librogame expected a few weeks ago.

Between these small, medium and large publishers in the games industry role, we would Dreamlord Press, and among the games displayed on their counter, there would be Fantastorie, the Italian version of the small bestselling american Amazing Tales.

We have talked in the past of Hero Kids, and Amazing Tales – Fantastorie it follows the model: a role-playing game easy for children ( and for adults that make them play the game) that allows them to live extraordinary hours of adventure and storytelling.

The Italian version of this booklet, such as English, has a population of less than a hundred pages in a A5 or so, but consider that the rules of the game are in a page, are distributed free of charge in English and it's so simple to be a “non-system”. For your convenience I carry myself here.

Rules of the game: Each character has 4 characteristics that can invent freely, and each of them assigns a nut between the following: 1d12, 1d10, 1d8 and 1d6. When the player has to make a test, choose the feature relevant, rolls the die and, if NOT, exits 1 or 2, the test is passed. The END.

Variant official 1: of all the characteristics you associate 1d6. If you do 3 or +, the test is passed. The END.

Variant official 2: each feature is associated 1d6, but the main one allows you to overcome trials, obtaining 2+, the two averages are in need of 3+, the less powerful must make a 4+. The END.

“In the Magical Realm of Tempofa you will find kings and queens, wizards and warriors, dragons, unicorns, and giants. Who would you like to be in this story? A prince or a princess? A knight? A witch? An explorer?”

That said, what is there in the manual?

The beauty of this book, indeed essential, starts here: the stored rules, and included many images of good workmanship that convey a bit of imagination, large and small, the entire manual consists of ideas and suggestions of adventure, good practices and game to entertain the children, advice, ideas, suggestions, reflections on the role of the narrator / facilitator, on the imagination and on the role-playing game for the little ones.

Nothing complex, quite the contrary! Absolutely, the language is entirely devoid of technicalities, and you feel perhaps the lack of an expert to supervise the work, as in Monsters? No fear!, but it's great for what had to be the american public the original, and all in all for adults easy as you can find, even among fans ruolisti Italian.

“Very far from the planet Earth awaits you, a universe full of adventures. Sparkling space ships travel from planet to planet in planet, humans meet aliens and robots speaking in galaxies unexplored. What kind of hero will you be? A space ranger, a scientist, an alien or a robot?”

And’ this is the content most interesting part of the book, so much so that the manual can be used as a list of ideas of reference also for the many other games that you want to adapt to children, such as easy list of good practices is useful in all occasions.

Complete the booklet 4 different scenes (fairy-tale-animals, fantasy of knights and princesses, pirates and adventurers of space), all with ideas to create the characters and the adventures. The original line american provides many other outputs, both full-bodied, that 1-page, free of charge: we hope that Dreamlord take us in the other products in the line!

Also, the work of adaptation and translation seems good: Fantastorie, Boscoscuro and the Realm of Tempofa, plus the many other you can find language used, are very helpful.

“The Sargasso Sea is a place full of adventures and dangers. Are you ready to go treasure hunting, explore forbidden islands, befriend mermaids, fight monsters or to challenge the immensity of the ocean?”

Want to find the hair in the egg to this excellent Fantastorie there are only a couple of items (already in the original edition, then Dreamlord doesn't deserve it) but any good storyteller will adjust itself easily:

1 – the level of advice and suggestions to manage an audience of gamers with children is “good but cheap”. For a type of players as well delicate, you should always follow instructions of ludologi, educators and educational experts, and age of development. Other games do it, in some ways, this instead follows a little plain good sense.

2 – there is no possible physical material to use at the table into cubes, maps, figurines of cardboard, miniatures, stuff colorful and fun that fills the eyes, the hands, chubby and the table. We played using a lot of stuff extra, and the figures of stock of some of the games storytelling for children. If you are in the house, looted everything and fill the table things like that.

That said, I don't know what you can do, but get as soon as possible Fantastorie and play with it with the children that you have at hand... it is a great alternative way to entertain them and teach them the taste of the interpretation, of the game and the narration!

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