Fantastic 4: the return of the Future Foundation, and... the Hulk


Published on Apr 09, 2019


Fantastic Four #12 this month, he announces, “the saga of the Future Foundation” in the history of the writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Wil Robson. Created in 2010, by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting, the Future Foundation is a group that combines the greatest young minds of the Earth, and was created by Reed Richards to help find solutions to the major problems of the world.

The organization has had among its members Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, She-Hulk and Franklin and Valeria Richards, the children of Reed and Sue Storm.

The Foundation has also traveled with the family Richards through the multiverse to repair it following the events of Secret Wars.

Fantastic Four #12 will also feature a main story written by Dan Slott and drawn by Sean Izaakse. The story takes place after the wedding of the Thing and of his his long-time girlfriend Alicia Masters, when the two are spending their honeymoon on a remote island. Things are going well, until the Hulk, and breaks out a fight...

Fantastic Four #12 by Dan Slott, Sean Isaakse, Jeremy Whitley and Wil Robson will be released in July.

Fantastic 4: the return of the Future Foundation, and... the Hulk is




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