Fantastic 4: a mini-series for His Storm Waid, and the Italian De Iulis


Published on Apr 10, 2019


But in July, finally, we will see things from the perspective of the Invisible Woman (even if the stories are written by a man) because Mark Waid and Mattia De Iulis will launch a mini-series entitled the Invisible Woman.


The press release from Marvel says:

“Sue Storm, the protagonist in INVISIBLE WOMAN #1!

It's always been a super heroine, struggling to keep the world safe with the Fantastic Four... and now is the time for His Storm cast under the spotlight in its series!

This July, the super-creative team composed by Mark Waid (Avengers No Road Home, Doctor Strange), Mattia De Iulis (Jessica Jones) and Adam Hughes (Star Wars, Captain America) bring Her on a journey that will reveal the secrets of his past in the most amazing way!

Years ago, after being part of the Fantastic Four, the invisible Woman preferred by the fans had embarked on adventures in soliraria in an espionage mission for the S. H. I. E. L. D. Now it's up to Her to save his former partner from the danger before it is too late!”

“In over fifty years, has never had the title (or maybe it did but you haven't seen it),” said the executive editor and vice president Tom Brevoort. “Waid and De Iulis will investigate on what Its Richards is – and even who he is – in his spare time, in addition to stay with her famous family! You'll be surprised at some of the characters – as well as some of their actions – which you'll see in the stories!”.

Don't miss the incredible adventures of His in the INVISIBLE WOMAN #1 (of 5) this July.

Fantastic 4: a mini-series for His Storm Waid, and the Italian De Iulis is




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