Faith and Paola Di Benedetto: he violates quarantine to get there?


Published on Apr 30, 2020


The web has been unleashed after having noticed a detail on social media. From the photos and videos posted by the winner of the GF Vip and the singer of the duo the hit of the summer, it seems that Faith and Paola Di Benedetto have violated the quarantine to meet up.

As we know, the couple does not meet for a long time, even before the lockdown of 7 march. In fact, it is from January, when it began, GF-Vip, that Faith and Paola Di Benedetto, not seen in vis à vis. The showgirl and model Italian, 25 years old, he is said to want to wait until the end of the decree to give the good example, but apparently it was Federico Rossi (26) to violate the quarantine.

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As always, are the users of the social to suspect something strange. In the eyes of the web does not escape anything, even the paintings hanging in the background of the posts. In fact, it seems that the photos you see hanging on the wall in an Instagram story of Federico Rossi, are the same as those present in a picture taken by Paola at her home.

Apparently it was the Faith, the singer of the duo Benji & Faith, to violate the ministerial decree is still in force. It is true that the two are not seen for almost 5 months, but really their love could not wait another 4 days?

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Neither the singer nor the model have confirmed to the star passing the quarantine, sweet company, but suspicions continue to grow. I wonder if after may 4, the Faith and Paola Di Benedetto will reveal their encounter.



What a beautiful feeling that takes me when I'm here... It's a bit as if I feel protected from the world! As in the past...👧🏻 Tonight the good night there to give us two 🧡✨

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