Fairy Tail, the anime series is back on Rai Gulp


Published on Mar 30, 2020


Through its page Facebook the official Rai Gulp, the channel 42 of the digital terrestrial tv, announced that from 4 April 2020 will be repeated on the animated series comes from the manga Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima, published by Edizioni Star Comics in Italy.

The episodes (the first 149 dubbed at the time for the transmission on Rai 4) will be aired all day at 23:55.

Lucy Heartphilia, a young sorceress of the Spirits-Stellar, realizes her dream of joining the mages guild the most famous of the Kingdom of Fiore: Fairy Tail, also to get away from a difficult family situation.

In the city of Magnolia, Lucy meets Natsu Dragneel, a fire mage of Fairy Tail that, along with the trusty flying cat Happy, travels the world in search of the dragon Igneel.

In the guild Lucy know Gray Fullbuster, ice mage and friend/rival of Natsu and the strong sorceress warrior Ezra Scarlett, also called Titania, Queen of the Fairies, and will learn the value of friendship and trust, and will consider the guild of Fairy Tail, like a real family.

In the course of their missions, our heroes meet the mages-powerful, good and evil, guilds, rivals, and the dark, monsters and demons, traveling in parallel worlds.

Fairy Tail, the anime series is back on Rai Gulp is




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