Fairy Tail: spicy drawing of Lucy and Natsu


Published on Jul 29, 2018


Despite the grueling serialization weekly that steals a large portion of the time in the life of Hiro Mashima, to devote to Edens Zero, his new manga fantasy began in June 2018 through the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine, the author, the japanese will never forget the impact that has suffered with the international success of Fairy Tail (which ended last year after 10 years of serialization constant), and so, through his Twitter profile nearly as often updates us with the drawings, and lately they are becoming more and more “spicy”.

This time the japanese author delights us with a warm embrace between the two protagonists of the work, or Natsu and Lucy. The two friends, very close, in all senses, they are in a bathing suit, and to demonstrate the attachment reveal to the fans how deep the bond between them. Here is the illustration:


— 真島ヒロ (@hiro_mashima) July 26, 2018

The guild of Fairy Tail will return very soon to the colors from the time in October 2018, will debut in Japan, the animated series that transpose the final events of the manga. Produced by A-1 Pictures and Bridge, we propose below to the promotional image:

The final series will be transmitted through the issuer of the japanese TV Tokyo and affiliate networks.

hinki Ishihira is the director of the series, Masashi Sogo is in charge for the composition of the series, and Shinji Takeuchi, and Toshihiko Healthy deal with the character design. Shoji Hata is the designer of sound and Yasuharu Takanashi is the composer of the music.

The japanese voices of the main characters return to lend their performance. In particular:

Ricoridamo, the sequel to the manga of Fairy Tail started last week in issue 34 of Weekly Shonen Magazine. Hiro Mashima is in charge of the storyboard, and Atsuo Ueda of the graphics part. The sequel is titled Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest.

The animated series Fairy Tail has been transmitted from 2009 to 2016 in Japan, with 277 episodes total. In Italy, instead, the rights to the series were acquired from Rai, and, through the issuer, Rai 4, have been transmitted to the first 150 appointments in the course of 2016.

Fairy Tail has been serialized in the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine from 2006 to July 2017; the volume 63, the last of the series, has been published in the libraries of the japanese on 17 November 2017.

In Italy, Fairy Tail, is in course of publication for Edizioni Star Comics with 56 volumes available.

Fairy Tail: spicy drawing of Lucy and Natsu is




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