Fairy Tail: new designs hot Hiro Mashima on the “ship” Gerard-" and Natsu-Lucy


Published on Sep 21, 2017


As we all know Fairy Tail ended last July 26, but Hiro Mashima in the epilogue is not consolidated in the marriage (or in couple) the reports of some of his created characters for his famous manga fantasy.

However, we also know the japanese author on his official profile Twitter is posting drawings that show moments spicy, almost hot, to characters who, in the meantime, the fans have joined in the increasingly frequent phenomenon of the “ship”, i.e. those characters that users wish that they were desperately together. And it seems that Mashima them is not satisfying.

In fact, after the first two drawings spicy with Natsu and Lucy (click here to see them if you haven't done so), in the last days, Mashima has represented two new designs hot that embodied the will of the fans to see Ezra Scarlet and Gerard Fernandez states, " as a couple. Here are the two representations are spicy:


— 真島ヒロ (@hiro_mashima) September 10, 2017


— 真島ヒロ (@hiro_mashima) September 19, 2017

In addition, Mashima has shared a new design that will make happy the fans of the couple Natsu-Lucy or even just fans of the girl from the moment that it was in the bath:


— 真島ヒロ (@hiro_mashima) September 19, 2017

Hiro Mashima has stated that it is ready for its next job. And if these representations are not simply a teaser to the new series of Fairy Tail, which will introduce these pairs. We'll see what they choose to write in the future, the master.

Remember that the volume number 62 (the penultimate) is available in Japan from September 15, 2017, and will also be available in a limited edition which will be attached 10 badges exclusive. Here is the cover:

Fairy Tail, Volume 62 Cover

— YonkouProductions (@YonkouProd) September 1, 2017

In addition, the 63rd and final manga volume will arrive in Japan from 17 November 2017, and also the latter will be available in a limited edition.

In addition, Hiro Mashima has announced that the latest season of the animated series based on Fairy Tail will be aired on TV in Japan in 2018.

With 11 years of serialization, Fairy Tail ends with 545 chapters and 63 volumes. The work debuted on the pages of the weekly Shonen Magazine published by Kodansha on 23 August 2006.

In Italy, the manga is published by Editions Star Comics with 50 titles published. From the 6th of September will be available the 51st book in all the bookstores and comics stores of our country.

The manga has given rise to numerous spin-offs, including the prequel to Fairy Tail Zero, and has inspired two animated series for television, several OVA's and a movie for the cinema; the second animated feature film, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, released in japanese cinemas on the 6th of may. Also announced a new animation project for tv.

In Italy, the animated series was partially broadcast by Rai 4.

The manga has sold around the world, 60 million copies.

Fairy Tail: new designs hot Hiro Mashima on the “ship” Gerard-" and Natsu-Lucy is




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