Facebook Messenger, inbox support streaming, and live chat for the games


Published on Dec 08, 2017


As you may recall in the month of November, Facebook has introduced the new platform Games to play with friends via the application stand-alone Facebook Messenger.

Yesterday the social network announced the introduction of some new and interesting features dedicated to the new platform Games, that will introduce the live streaming through Facebook and the chat in the game.

The will of Facebook is thus clearly aimed at increasing the adoption of Facebook Messenger among users, enhancing the functionality of the social gaming application to give momentum to all the income arising from the in-game purchases of the users (income, which last year produced an income of 250 million dollars due to the tax applied to each purchase); the company has also expressed the desire to integrate so many new titles over the course of the year just to try to redirect the user from the use of third-party applications for iOS or Android in favour of Messenger.

With the new feature of live streaming, users can use the platform Facebook Live to broadcast our games through our profile or a page on Facebook. The video can of course also be shared later on and be seen on a delayed basis once the transmission has.

New features then that will enrich more and more the platform, which is now no longer able to hide the blatant ambition to compete with the giants of the streaming video such as Twitch or YouTube.

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