Facebook announces 3 news: Cloud Storage service, Post voice and Archive Stories


Published on May 16, 2018


Facebook is about to launch 3 new starting from a cloud storage service, passing the status voice until improvements to the stories. We proceed with the order.

Alongside iCloud and the new Google One, there will also be the Cloud of Facebook. Still a few details, surely there will be a basic free for all users but we do not yet know how many GB will be included in this plan. There should then be other paid plans and prices should be competitive, similar to the Google One.

Users who would click the picture, or will record video directly from the camera inside the app to Facebook, it will automatically save in the Cloud content that is, without minimally altering the physical memory of the device. Great for low-cost devices with little memory. Anyway, you can always choose to delete the media from the cloud and save them locally.

The camera to Facebook will be adding the possibility to record voice messages to share as a Post to Voice. Then in the future, when we open the app to Facebook, you can choose to write a text message, or post an update with “rich media”, opening the camera Facebook. Among the media we will find a further breakdown composed by: Photo, Video, or Voice.

The latest news is about stories. Will be the possibility to store the stories, or save them and leave them on Facebook in a special section also exceeded the 24 hours. A bit like what happens on Instagram with the Stories in Evidence.

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