Facebook and PayPal take payments peer-to-peer Messenger


Published on Oct 20, 2017


Waiting for the official launch of Apple Pay, the Cash that will come initially in the US with iOS 11.1, Facebook and PayPal have announced a new partnership that will allow users to send and receive money via Messenger.

The announcement came a few hours ago, and represents a continuation of the partnership that began months ago between Facebook and PayPal. Last year, the two companies have collaborated to allow users to link accounts to both services, making it easier to make purchases on Messenger via PayPal.

The news today is payments support peer-to-peer always via Messenger and PayPal, which will allow users to send and receive money with other users, simply from the chat window.

Then you can choose the amount to send (or request) and confirm the transaction by entering the password to PayPal, directly from Messenger. At the time, this news will be activated in the USA and then spread throughout the rest of the world.

In addition, PayPal has also launched a customer support service on Messenger. Thanks to this innovation, users will be able to request chat support for certain transactions such as refunds, payment problems, password reset, and much more.

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