Face serum: What is it and How to Choose it


Published on Nov 19, 2019


Never used a face serum? Then is the time to start to experience the benefits of this product to the skin of your face. There is a specific age to start applying the face serum, which is not only a prerogative of the mature skins as erroneously some think. The serum, in fact, illuminates and amplifies the effectiveness of the face cream specific, but the most important thing is to choose the one that fits your needs.

Here then are some practical tips to choose the face serum the most suitable.

Does not replace moisturizer and is not a replacement of any other product of beauty since the routine: the face serum is a complement to the effectiveness of targeted, a product that performs a specific action against the skin of the face and is able to improve its quality in a visible way, making it more fresh and bright look. Serums face can be of many specific models and the main ones are three:

To be able to choose the face serum is suitable for your needs, the best thing is to rely on a test of the skin. Today it is possible to use the new technologies to have a detailed analysis of the skin of the face and some practical suggestions for better daily skin routine.

Here for example, you can find all the directions to choose the face serum is best for you; he goes in fact from the serum rehydrating of Aqualia Thermal, which strengthens, replenishes and retains moisture to strengthen the skin and restore its essential function of barrier against the attacks of external agents. The texture of this serum is light and fluid, then it's non-greasy and non-sticky; the serum is also rich in natural origin hyaluronic acid, thermal water of Vichy and mannose vegetable, formulated precisely in order to rebalance and retain the hydration of the face.

A great serum antioxidant is a serum activator of brightness of Idealia, which, thanks to the extract of licorice root, the flavonoid antioxidant citrus and adenosine energizing, gives the skin a bright and smooth, as well as a uniform colour, homogeneous and with less visibility of fine lines and pores.

Liftactiv Supreme, Vichy is a serum, anti-aging enriched with rhamnose, and hyaluronic acid to fight the signs of ageing and loss of tone and complexion. Used morning and evening, is able to treat wrinkles and dehydration of more mature skin.

If you search for a specific action for an area as delicate as the eyes contour Minéral 89 gel strengthening based on hyaluronic acid of natural origin and pure caffeine that smoothes fine expression lines and reduces bags and dark circles.

Therefore it is enough to know their own needs to choose the product that will help you day-to-day to have a healthy and radiant look.

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