Fabrizio Corona says his Alessia Marcuzzi, project leader, and who often appears on the Island of the famous 2019


Published on Mar 07, 2019


At 15.30 today began the press conference of Fabrizio Corona, during which the entrepreneur has talked about what happened Monday evening after the video message for Riccardo fogli. Among other things we spoke about, in particular after the questions of journalists, the role of the other protagonists of this story in the story. Fabrizio Corona then explained what she thinks of Alessia Marcuzzi, of the two who often appears of the famous Island, and also of the Christian Flour.

And here are those that were the words of Fabrizio Corona in the course of the press conference today. The businessman has commented on the role of Alessia Marcuzzi and also the attitude of the two who often appears on reality tv show of Channel 5.

Alessia Marcuzzi in the this moment he has the obligation to take a side and say its because he is the captain of this ship. I have done my. Christian Farina is a name, no one knows your face. There was her and then I, the scapegoat is me.”

About Alda d'eusanio, and Alba Parietti:

“I don't seem to be the opinion leaders. We are talking about Alda D'eusanio, holy God... When you do the opinion leaders you need to give opinions right and you have to be consistent. Must not be custom. The public transport should not be used to fight your personal battles. What means ‘deserves to go to jail’? About to go back to jail for a video message?“.

On Criastina Flour:

“I do not know the choices of Channel 5. I estimate the project manager. She has wanted to defend his editorial choices, and this is. Send in television to people who have killed someone for thirty years, things that go beyond. If she defends his choices is a clash between you and the company. This request of this video is the party directly from her. She had an idea because she is an author brilliant, he called me, and she has done everything. Where are the other authors of the excluded? Who are they? 80% of things on the web are fake. To Parpiglia no one has communicated anything. If they were to send him away for something he has not done we should ask ourselves why. Pay for one and pay for it all?”.

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