Fabrizio Corona responds to Belen Rodriguez and the attacks: “Pretend that you are not”


Published on Mar 05, 2019


This morning there is so much material for those who love to gossip. Expected responses of Fabrizio Corona all the attacks come from different directions. And one of the first responses of the entrepreneur, there is one in Belen Rodriguez. We have told a few hours ago that the former Belen has commented on what was happening in the episode of the Island yesterday, not endorsing the video message sent by the Crown to Richard Sheets, and not only ( read here the comment of Belen). Fabrizio Corona and then decided to respond, also via the social networks, in the words of Belen and there it went down heavy, attacking Belen and accusing her of being the one that is not, to be a person who pretends.

Let's see then, those were the words of Fabrizio Corona, after the live of the famous Island 2019 aired on march 4, on Channel 5.

Here are the words of the Crown in its own story on instagram:

“Well said from a person who pretends to be what it is not, and shows a life that does not live, is not bad! The family of the Mill White that so much of sports is not for you, that, without excess, to the promotion of a simple life and normal do not know to be. I at least I put the face, in good and in evil, I always say what I think. I'll take my responsibility and, I repeat again, I do not pretend to be, in fact, not the monster to be what they are not!”.

The words of Fabrizio Corona were accompanied by hashtags such as #cercoattenzionemediatica, that is a clue to what the entrepreneur wants to say to his ex and not only. The crown has also used #predicounamoralechenonpratico of the series “preach well and to scratch evil”, that's it. Words heavy as those of the Crown which has also continued.

“The meaning and the meaning of life let them lose, we're not talking reality show,” wrote the Crown.

What will you do Belen, at this point, replicate it, or will pretend nothing happened? Next week there will be no Jeremias in Honduras for which you can safely watch the Made in the South and cheer for Stefano de Martino.

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