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Published on Sep 11, 2019


This time, there is the fingerprint of Wild Lucarelli

A clash between titans, between being of Italian television, among the characters strong and bold, without hair on the tongue and a lot of enemies. Who are we talking about? Wild Lucarelli and Fabrizio Corona. Journalist, writer and columnist, a former king of the paparazzi, and each profession of the other. The two are at loggerheads.

To discover the reasons of this clash, which will soon be brought to court, Fabrizio Corona was indeed mentioned in the judgment for defamation, we need to take a trip back in time, coming to the end of 2018. The man expressed himself on several occasions against Lucarelli, addressing above all, insinuations that are not too veiled.

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It all culminated during a television interview in the living room is Not the Arena, the transmission of the friend Massimo Giletti. “I think it has rage and frustration against me, and also a bit of jealousy because I've never been to. Because it is years and years old that wants my body and I did not give her” do " had arrived to declare with a loud voice, Fabrizio Corona.

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The response of Wild Lucarelli had arrived a few hours after, on a highly popular profile Facebook: “A multi-convicted for a multitude of crimes, who is still serving a sentence goes on tv celebrated as a star. The one who revealed who hid the money in the ceiling to escape the taxman in an article on The Fact that (when the Crown was still free, but did nothing to defend himself, preferring the silence) is the one that has the anger because he wanted to have sex with him.” The battle will continue in court.

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