Fabrizio Corona is a threat on the social an old friend: “I'll make You pay...

Published on Nov 04, 2018

Fabrizio Corona, on his Instagram Stories the attack is coming to an old friend, and another person with no quotes: “I'll make You pay”

The ex-paparazzo Fabrizio Corona on Instagram Stories is back to threaten revenge, but this time not against Francesco Totti or Ilary Blasi, but to an old friend of the past, and other people whose names.,

Francesco Totti and his wife Ilary Blasi is now no longer in the viewfinder of Fabrizio Corona. The former paparazzo, seems to want to close outstanding accounts with the past. How? After the episode of Big Brother Vip in which the former paparazzo, vip, had quarrelled with lady Totti is back to being more aggressive on the social, but also against people who for now remain animone.

However, when there is half the former paparazzo, vip, there was always the fear of the apocalypse. The threats with the Crown are almost the order of the day:

“The people who have done what they have done they will pay the punishments of hell. It is not true that nothing will happen, we are only working with the institutions”.

The person called into question would be a friend of hers in the past that he behaved better toward her. Here's what it says on the Instagram Crown:

“At this time there are a lot of new things that make me feel good, but I can not forget what happened two months ago. I togliermelo from the head. It is not the silence, or this month of tranquillity mean that everything is fixed and that nothing will happen”

The former Belen rodriguez and Nina Moric there goes down heavy:

“I promised you their name, today I was tempted to do that because I'm back to the life before. They do not have values, feelings and respect, and I will have no mercy neither for you nor for them.” For him, these people “must pay, and must rot”

Of course, there is in the language a touch of aggressiveness:

“Spu***nerò you and all those that attend. And reported to him, that thought to have escaped and to have made the heist of the century, it will pay. Prepared you that you're in Rome and you made my friend for 15 years. And as you're in Milan, that you're a criminal and you're protected, I'll take you”.

Many wondered at that outstanding accounts reference the former paparazzo, but few know how to give themselves a response. Only those who know the Crown can answer this question.

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