Fabrizio Corona humiliate Nicola Savino: Nano, do you remember when my father...’

Published on Nov 01, 2018

The former king of the paparazzi accuses the conductor of the Stories on Instagram

After Ilary Blasi, Fabrizio Corona, has expressed negative comments towards Nicola Savino. In detail, the former husband of Nina Moric was enraged after being pulled into the dance in the episode of ‘Le Iene Show’ aired on Wednesday, October 30.

The attack of Fabrizio Corona to the conductor of the show in Italy 1 happened through some Stories on his profile on Instagram.

“Yesterday evening, I was the protagonist to the Hyenas. There was that thing the little nano that I insulted me, that Nicholas Bean, no one is the actor, Nicholas Sandwich... Nicola, I can't remember...”,

he said in a video the former king of the paparazzi. The latter, moreover, has stated that ‘The Hyenas’ have insulted him by listing a series of crimes which he has committed during his life. Then the man has posted the dose in this way:

“But my question is how could one such as this, that is programs that not watch nobody, that each program that does is a flop, which is not an artistic quality, which is not nice, not sing, is the conductor of all these programs, in spite of the representation of nothing?”.

Before changing address, always through the Stories on Instagram, Fabrizio Corona he narrated an episode that would have happened a long time ago, when he was still alive, Vittorio Corona, father of Fabrizio.

“Dear Nicola, I wanted to remember when many years ago you worked with my father that it was the greatest Italian journalist, and I said, ‘I'm sorry, but you can't work with us, because you are not able to do anything’. At the time you were the author...”,

he said the former husband of Nina Moric. Till now not received any response from Nicola Savino and even denials on the episode, revealed by the Crown.

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