Fabrizio Corona and Silvia Provide the letter of mama Monica in the Morning Five

Published on Oct 29, 2018

The mother of Silvia, See, Monica, wrote a letter to the Morning Five to put the word ‘end’ to the story of his daughter with Fabrizio Corona. Morning Five, the debate on Fabrizio Corona and Silvia Furnish

Federica Panicucci in the Morning, Five has always been involved in the story between Fabrizio Corona and Silvia for giving, hosting both several times. Once I began the Big Brother Vip, the transmission has continued to take care of each other, and the mother of The Donatella, Monica Alberti, has always been there to be able to defend the position of the daughter from the statements of Fabrizio Corona. Now, though, the story seems to have found an epilogue.

Silvia Furnish had promised not to speak of the Crown after the disappointment of the end of their relationship. However, thanks to the stay in the house of Big Brother Vip, the girl talked about it and cried a lot. For this reason, the program hosted by Ilary Blasi gave space to the topic by inviting the same Crown for a comparison. He has apologized but she is shown strong in not wanting to see anymore.

Monica, the mother of The Donatella has written a letter to the Morning Five by thanking for the hospitality and for having had the chance to defend Silvia:

In the last episode of GF Vip my daughter has shown incredible strength, she said everything and done everything.

The woman has a summery of what happened in the episode showing his pride towards his daughter, and how, finally, he ended every relationship with the Crown. For this reason, do not participate more to the broadcasts, hoping that her daughters would make a nice path in reality.

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