Fabrizio Corona against Ilary Blasi: ‘you do Not want to give me right of reply’

Published on Oct 16, 2018

Fabrizio Corona accuses the production of Big Brother Vip and Ilary Blasi not to give him the chance to replicate. Here's what he said on Instagram. Big Brother Vip: the story of Silvia Furnish and Fabrizio Corona

From the first episode of Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini and Ilary Blasi questioned several times Silvia See on his previous relationship with Fabrizio Corona. Their story has ended very badly and the same, Silvia has had the most moments of crisis in the house.

The latest declarations of the mother of Silvia in the Morning, Five then fed the argument that continues to be addressed in episodes of the reality show on Monday nights on Channel 5. Last Monday, in particular, Ilary Blasi has given a chance to reply to Fabrizio Corona, but he gives another version of the facts.

On Instagram Fabrizio Corona has been expressed about what has been said in the last episode of Big Brother Vip through a split Here's what she wrote:

Sin that is Ilary Blasi the right of reply does not want to may indulge, because it scares me, and he put a veto heavy, after an agreement is already found. I had to be in the transmission next Thursday, but today I wonder why, all suspended. Perhaps for the two years of silence? Or perhaps, it is difficult to live with an educated person, prepared to read and study, or is it perhaps easier to attack it, without so that you can defend. Ilary Blasi-I am here, I'm waiting just for you.

Not only. Fabrizio Corona has also said to want to see you face to face Silvia, See to it to ask her to excuse his behavior of the last few months. The Big Brother Vip will find an agreement with him to make sure that this story will conclude in the best way?

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