Fabio Troiano and Eleonora Pedron first photo with the sea on Who: passion boiling


Published on Aug 20, 2019


Those were rumors have turned into confirmations. Eleonora Pedron and Fabio Troiano are a couple. The news was circulated a few weeks ago, but from the magazine, Who arrive this week on newsstands the first photos of the couple. Fabio and Eleonora are, in fact, passing the summer holidays along with the sea and the paparazzi have captured their first kisses. And that passion in the sea between Fabio and Eleonora. The Pedron, after the brief interlude with the hyena, De Vitiis, seems to have finally found the smile on the side of the righteous man. It seems that Fabio Troiano has left his ex-girlfriend historical to start a new relationship with Eleonora. An overwhelming love?

The number of people on newsstands this week ( at the moment, we can only show you some advances of the photographic posted on social) are recounted also the details of this new love, with revelations on how and when the two of you would have known. According to a few news that you have up to this moment, it seems that Eleonora and Fabio met a few months ago, and make a steady couple for two months.

And here are the first shots of the couple

On π‘ͺπ’‰π’Š the exclusive images of the first holiday of a new pair, the one formed by 𝐄π₯𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐚 𝐏𝐞𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐧 and π…πšπ›π’π¨ π“π«π¨π’πšπ§π¨. The former Miss Italy, Eleonora Pedron, after the end of the relationship with the β€œHyena” NicolΓ² De Devitiis, it is back to smiling. Now it is flown in Pantelleria with actor Fabio Troiano. The two know each other only by a few months, but already living a great passion. On the β€œWho” @chimagazineit, on sale from Wednesday 21 of August, all the images of the vacation of the couple and the story of how it came to this new love.

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For the actor's hat and sunglasses, with costume blue while Eleonora Pedron has a beautiful red bikini, and it is as always, in beautiful shape. The two let themselves be carried away by the passion in the clear waters of Pantelleria. And for the moment seem to not be willing to issue statements in this regard. The former miss Italy in fact, in the last few weeks has shared on social many shots, but no comment on the relationship with Fabio. Still want to keep the excitement of this new love all for himself?

And also the actor for the time being not comment. After these kisses published by the magazine Who say something?

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