Fabio Rovazzi: a declaration, unexpected, saddens fans


Published on May 15, 2019


The news appeared on his Instagram late in the evening

Nothing pleasant from the front of Fabio Rovazzi: the singer, class of ’94, has officially announced last night the end of her story with Karyna Bezhenar, the Russian model, which we have heard in the last few months. Karyna was known solely as the girlfriend of Rovazzi, before voices the wish as an intern at one of the offices of Forza Italia.

She begins to hear talk as a model and an actress only by December 2016. To have it presented to Rovazzi would have been friends in common, including the same Fedez e Chiara Ferragni with whom Karyna and Fabio, they have spent a large part of the time before he broke the relations with the rapper in milan.

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And after three years, the sad declaration: you finished the romance love between the two To give the announcement of the rupture was the artist himself through the stories of Instagram late in the evening yesterday. A simple post in the stories, a black background and white writing, which reads as follows: “For all those who are wondering yes, me and Karyna we left a little bit of time. However, we are still on good terms,” he wrote to his followers the interpreter to Go to command and Do what I want.

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Already for a long time, however, the girl had given evidence of a certain amount of discretion: a few of the gossip that interested with Rovazzi, few interviews are granted as a couple. It is not a coincidence, then, that the announcement of the break it got hushed by the official channels of the artist, that he preferred to entrust to his voice the news of the separation, and not to the gossip magazines.

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