Fabio Basile, the tragedy of his childhood: ‘I taunted him because I was dyslexic’

Published on Oct 26, 2018

Fabio Basile-Big Brother Vip has told us of the problems we had in childhood and how he was teased for his problem. Big Brother Vip, Fabio Basile are highly appreciated in the House

Despite in the web is defined as “useless”, in the house of Big Brother Vip, Fabio Basile is very much appreciated. All competitors speak very well of him, and, in the last episode to be aired on Channel 5, even the newcomers, Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Mary Monsè and Ela Weber, have shown their esteem for saving him from the nomination.

Fabio Basile is having a very linear and is bringing something new inside the reality. For example, once a week, the famous judoka are away to follow a particular training in another section of the House to always stay focused in his sport.

In a conversation with the newcomer Alessandro Cecchi Paone, Fabio Basile has told the story of being dyslexic and having had several problems in the childhood. At school, the teasing, the attributed of the nicknames and the excluded. But the sport is also said to have never made to break down these behaviors, but on the contrary, thanks to this he trained in character:

I don't jot down, if you treat me bad, if I'm wrong I commitment even more, take even more charge.

Fabio Basile, remember, he won the gold medal at the olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and in 2017 he was conferred the honor of Commendatore by the President of the Italian Republic.

Cecchi Paone, intrigued and admired the story of a judoka, he suggested to Fabio to use his experience to go into schools and give a bit of courage to those who are unable to react as she reacted to him:

There are so many kids who suicide, who did not fail to react, but if you go to tell him that the bullies are weak, they can react and can overcome certain things...it could be very helpful. Think about it. It is an important thing.

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