Ezviz S2, action cam and dash cam in a single product


Published on Jun 11, 2018


Two products in one: an action cam to shoot the performance of sports and a dash cam for added safety when you are driving. We are talking about the Ezviz S2, now also available in Italy.

In the package of the Ezviz S2 we find, in addition to the camera, the charging cable, micro-USB, the waterproof housing for underwater shots, car mounting and various adapters (for helmets and other sports accessories). Supplied more than enough for an action camera.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Ezviz S2 is characterized by its dual function: action cam sports perfect to resume outdoor activities, dash room for the securely drive. The dimensions are contained (58.1 x 45.4 mm), for a classic design and typical of all the action cam of the latest generation. Excellent the materials used.

The LCD display 2-inch (320 x 240 pixels) offers a good image quality, always sharp and well visible even in conditions of high external luminosity. No slowdown and always smooth, even in the case of shooting fast and hectic. The display also features IPS technology and a lens with a viewing angle ultra-wide 150°, with automatic correction of the distortion. The screen is touch screen type, thus allowing you to quickly navigate between the various menus.

Thanks to the Ezviz S2 can record Full HD video at 1920 x 1080 pixels, up to 60 fps. From the settings you can lower the resolution for recording video less expensive in terms of space. With regard to the images, you can take photos from 8MP.

This action cam also activates the Burst mode, great for capturing the moment, concluding in sports with fast action, and Timelapse. To record video and take photos, you must insert a MicroSD card (maximum support up to 256 GB). Excellent night vision.

The removable, rechargeable battery ensures about 2 hours of autonomy in continuous recording.

The mode “Dash cam” is activated with a touch on the screen and the camera starts to record automatically as soon as the car is set in motion. The recording stops when the car stops. Taking advantage of the G-Sensor, Ezviz S2 is able to start a video recording of emergency in case of an accident, as well as to provide proof of what happened.

This is also the system ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), which allows you to have a series of advanced features while driving: Departure Warning System (LDWS), which signals the exit of the car from the lane, and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS), which alerts the user when the vehicle in front is too close. In addition, the integrated system TSR (Traffic Sign Recognition) sends a voice message to report the speed limits that are active in that particular stretch of road.

With respect to the support with the iPhone, thanks to the app Ezviz Sport (free on the App Store), you can manage all the features of the camera, to record and to synchronize the video or images and share the content via your smartphone on the major social networks.

The Ezviz S2 is a great cam, able to offer two distinct functions. Video and perfect pictures in good lighting conditions, more than sufficient in the dark. With regards to the Dash Cam, we have tried recording automatically when you start your car and it works without problems, as well as the technology relative to the notice of the lane.

It is therefore a valid alternative for those who are seeking a unique product, which can be a action cam and dash cam.

The Ezviz S 2 is already on sale in Italy, distributed by iPerGO, at a price of 102€ on Amazon.

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