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Published on Sep 06, 2018


Ezviz has made his debut at the IFA show in Berlin, with many new features designed for the Smart home, safety and security, both inside and outside the home.

Battery Cam C3A is the new camera for indoor and outdoor with rechargeable lithium battery, with a duration of over 6 months. With a video resolution and HD photo and full HD, the new camera is capable of creating large shots and keep under control every corner of the room due to the angle of view of 130°. The camera is connected via radio frequency to a Base Station that supports up to 6 cameras.

Thanks to the rechargeable lithium battery 5,500 mAh, it is possible to position the camera at any desired point of the house, but also outside. The room is in fact resistant to external agents with IP65 certification. With the Battery on the Cam C3A is possible to get excellent shots during the night, since it has an illuminator infrared rays with a vision and a meticulous up to 10 meters.

It is also equipped with the function of listening environment and a siren 100dbB. Thanks to the motion function, every movement and/or perceived noise port the camera to move in the direction of the emission source, by sending real-time notification directly on your smartphone of the user. The data storage can be done on a micro SD Card up to 128GB (sold only separately) inserted in the slot of the Base Station.

All products Ezviz can be used and managed through the dedicated app for iOS: this app allows you to create a complete surveillance system, customizable, able to respond to multiple needs.


Peep Hole DP1 and DoorBell DB1 are the new products designed for the on the entrance door peephole and door bell electronic to always keep under control what happens outside the home.

With a 3.5-inch display and a long-lasting rechargeable battery, Peep Hole DP1 is positioned on the door replacing the peephole in the traditional (is adaptable to all door types). By connecting it to the Wi-Fi network, and setting the motion detection function is able to send a notification through the app Ezviz – on their smartphones whenever motion is detected (like any other product, Ezviz). Furthermore, the display that is located on the inside of your home can be removed and taken to another room (for example in the room when it is time to go to sleep): in this way, if you play, you will not need to get up in the middle of the night to see who it is.

The doorbell, electric DoorBell DB1 instead applies to the outside of the door through an installation with power spin, or using rechargeable batteries. Also this device is equipped with a motion sensor that detects the presence of someone in front of the door (without even the need of playing).

Both are activated by the remote via the dedicated app, through which you can also enable the microphone bi-directional, which allows you to speak and listen in real-time. Peep-Hole and DoorBell are equipped with a memory in the local-with-SD Cards up to 128GB that allows you to review the footage to check who has arrived, or if you have approached to the door the intruders.

The official app allows you to create a complete surveillance system, customizable, able to respond to multiple needs.

This is a new basic kit consists of the camera rotating motorized C6T (with integrated controller hub compact), a position detector T2 (opening/closing doors and windows) and a remote control security remote control of K2.

The integrated controller is also able to manage up to 32 devices Ezviz (these can be sensors, such as motion or door sensor window, both sirens). The camera C6T is small and compact (only mm 110x110x900) and expands the range of products, Ezviz dedicated to Home Security.

This cam has as main characteristic that of being equipped with a rotating base with a rotation angle up to 340° horizontally and 90° vertically. The camera, positioned above the rotating base, has a resolution photo and Full HD video 2-megapixel, two-way audio (which allows you to listen to and communicate with anyone in real time) and an illuminator with an infrared night vision up to 5 meters.

Thanks to the function autotracking is able to locate the sources of movement and/or noise, rotate automatically and follow the tracks. Also, thanks to the function points, and see it is possible to take a panoramic image of the 360° environment and cliccarne any point on your smartphone to give the command to C6T automatically rotate towards it. Finally, it is possible to expand the memory up to 128 GB via a MicroSD Card (not included in the package).

Unlike the single camera C6T, the following kit can be a real video surveillance system complete for a smart management of your home.

The app allows you to create a complete surveillance system, customizable, able to respond to multiple needs.

Price: 199 euro

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