Explosions in Dortmund, hit the bus of Borussia. Game postponed, the players in shock

Published on Apr 11, 2017

Three explosions occurred in front of the bus of Borussia Dortmund as the team headed toward the stadium for the match of Champions League against Monaco. Bild speaks of the “explosive” which, according to the German tabloid, may have been placed previously on the road. The match was postponed to tomorrow. Explosions in Dortmund, hit the bus of Borussia. Game is postponed, players in a state of shock. Three explosions in Dortmund have involved the coach of Borussia, about to take the field against Monaco for the first leg of the quarter-final of the Champions League. As reported in the Bild, the explosions have resulted in the slight injury of at least one player, the 26-year-old Marc Bartra. As he anticipated, the agency Dpa, and as they then confirmed to the police, the explosions near the bus they were three and are the result of an attack made by unknown”. The police, in a note, did you know that the windows of the vehicle were shattered, and a person is injured. The match, initially scheduled for 20.45, has been postponed and will be played tomorrow at 18.45 as it was decided after a summit meeting between the police and Uefa. “Explosion in front of the team bus close to the hotel, the players are good, there are no hazards in or around the stadium” was written on the Twitter account of Borussia. In another tweet, the fans were encouraged to wait for official information and avoid spreading rumors that are not controlled: “This would be of great help”. Inside of the stadium has been widespread with the speakers, the decision to postpone the game to tomorrow and the audience was asked, however, to wait for 30 minutes before begin to drain from the stadium. In the meantime, more on Twitter, police in the German city announced it had deployed an important safety device around the stadium. (ANSA)

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