Expand the memory of the PS4 without dismantling

Published on Jun 16, 2017

Unfortunately, the memory on the hard disk of the console such as the PS4, is intended to saturating due to the installation of many games. If we want to expand the memory of the PS4, replacing the internal hard drive with a larger one, we will be forced to disassemble the console and lose all the games installed on the hard disk the previous.

Fortunately, the console allows us to take advantage of the features memory, extended storage, which allows us to obtain the additional memory without having to disassemble the console. In this guide we will show you the steps necessary to expand the memory of your console.

First of all, we check that our console is updated to the latest firmware version (4.50 or later).

To expand the memory of the console, we will have to buy an external hard drive with usb 3.0, which we are going to connect to one of the USB ports on the PS4. And’ advisable to buy a HD of at least 1tb.

An example is the following:

Alternatively, we can reuse the old HDD from 2.5 inch to the inside of a case for the HDD, use it as a external hard drive with usb connection.

Let's fire up the console and connect the external hard drive previously purchased one of the usb ports on the console. At this point, the system will recognize the disk inserted and will ask you to format it as a memory of the extended storage. Select the option to Format it as a memory of the extended storage.

If you do not receive any message for the formatting, we can format the external hard drive by going to: Settings -> Devices -> USB storage -> Select disk -> Format as the memory of the extended storage.

Once you are finished formatting, the console will use the new HDD as the new location for the installation of the games. In fact, from now on, the console will not install most games to the internal hard drive.

If we have games already installed on the internal hard drive that we want to move to your new external drive, simply go to: Settings > Memory storage -> Select the internal drive -> Applications -> select the game you want to move -> Options button -> Move in memory, extended storage

If you do not want to use more the external HDD for the storage of our games, we must remove it by following a correct procedure, otherwise risking damage to the device. To perform everything correctly, just go in the menu Audio/Devices and select the item that you Stop using the memory of the extended storage. Then we go into the Settings and select the voice Devices. Later click on USB storage Devices, select the option Select external hard disk and finally click on Stop using this memory, extended storage. This is done, we will be able to remove the external hard disk without the possibility of damage.

If, instead, we are using the external hard drive, and there happen to wish to install the games again on the internal hard drive, just go to: Settings -> Devices -> USB storage -> Select disk -> key, Options -> Location to install the application.

Unfortunately not, we can move all types of files on the external hard drive. Some files, such as screen snapshots, video clips, data saved, and themes, can be saved only on the internal hard drive. This procedure is really very simple and allows us to expand the memory of our PS4 without having to disassemble.

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