EXCLUSIVE preview saldapress: The Spider King by Josh Vann and Simone D Armini


Published on Jun 03, 2019


EXCLUSIVELY for the readers of MangaForever, saldaPress has provided an extensive preview of The Spider King.

What would have happened if the aliens had invaded Earth during the middle Ages?
Seems to be a question, outlandish, and, in part, or has, although a number of ufologists, if the seats are, really, but it is the question that is the trigger for THE SPIDER KING written by australian Josh Vann and drawn in a masterly way by Simone D Armini.

THE SPIDER KING is a graphic novel on the border between the fantasy of historical setting and science fiction, crossed by the proud spirit of adventure and a black humor that is irresistible, enhanced by the unique feature of D Armini.

What does it tell? A decade-long feud between two clans of vikings is interrupted when a conqueror, intergalactic breaks in northern Europe during the middle ages. The evil, but unfortunate, King Spider does not imagine that he will face the warriors in the most violent, obstinate, and cruel to ever live on the Earth.

Hrolf Hallvardson, the king of what was once the glorious clan of Laxdale, and Sigrid, the warrior princess of the Lombards, give thread to twist to the ravenous dictator of space.

THE SPIDER KING, presented in preview at the last edition of the Comicon of Naples, was born in 2014 thanks to the funding achieved with a successful Kickstarter campaign. In 2016 he won a Ledger Award, and in 2018, has been republished in four chapters by IDW, achieving a great success, and selling more than 22,000 copies. Already translated and published in Spain and about to go out, even in France, now arrives in Italy, thanks to saldaPress.
An opportunity to admire the beautiful work of Simone D Armini and dive into a story that holds you enthralled the reader to the page from beginning to the end. The volume consists of 160 pages and will cost 24.90 €.

EXCLUSIVE preview saldapress: The Spider King by Josh Vann and Simone D Armini is




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