Exclusive offer: led Bulb Smart HomeKit, color with the 51% discount to the first 80 users iSpazio


Published on May 08, 2018


iSpazio and Koogeek today are working together to offer you exceptional products at a price never seen before: the lowest ever! These are the 3 most sold products of this company, that you can purchase with discounts crazy, limited in number, thanks to the unique codes. We will publish 3 articles, each one dedicated to one of these products. Let's start with the first.

Unlike traditional Coupons, where the same code can be used by multiple users to obtain the discount, the Unique Codes can be used only once after which lose their validity and will no longer be allowed on Amazon. Us below we are going to provide you with a total of 190 unique codes for 3 different products.

The codes will have to be inserted (as always) on the payment page of Amazon. Arm yourself with a little bit of good will, because if a code is found to be “not usable”, it means that another user has already used. You need to do is copy the next code and try to see if it is accepted. This procedure should be repeated until you find a code not yet used by anyone, and you will be able to make the purchase at a reduced price. If you want to help users who buy after you, please leave a comment indicating the code that you have already used, so will try it out.

Passes from 34.99€ only a 17,15€

The first device is a light bulb Smart with support for HomeKit and Siri. It is a colored backlight that works with the built-in WiFi, and therefore does not require a Hub or Bridge, to be purchased separately.

Well 16 million colors at the choice of the user with the possibility to adjust the intensity of the brightness and the saturation desired. It really is excellent to create a special atmosphere in every moment, also during the viewing of a film.

Both the application and the House built on iOS through the official app of Koogeek it is possible to set up different situations to activate and deactivate the light bulbs on the basis of certain criteria. We will be able to wake up in the morning with our desired lighting switched on automatically, or leave the house without having the fear of having left some light turned on, automatically turn on lights at sunset, and so on.

Creating of the scenes, we will be able to control multiple bulbs at the same time. LED bulbs have an initial cost higher than the old incandescent bulbs but they are dimmable and offer a considerable energy savings repaying the initial investment in a few months. The life of this bulb is 25,000 hours, which is a 22.8 years based on an average of 3 hours of use per day.

To control them, we will be able to use the iPhone, or you can configure an Apple TV as the Hub to control them at a distance even when we are not home.

In order to buy it at 17,15€ (lowest price ever) you have to click here and then use one of the 80 unique codes that follow:

The codes expire as soon as they are used properly, otherwise, they will expire on May 31.

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